The New Tribes Mission – The Truth is Out

New Tribes Mission is a religious organization dedicated towards the spread of Christianity throughout the world. The organization incorporates the help of missionaries for this cause. If the missionary employed by New Tribes Mission has a family, in order to ensure that the work is not hampered, their children are asked to reside in residential schools operated by the New Tribes Mission. The children are groomed and looked after by New Tribe Mission teachers who also are referred to as dorm parents by the kids.

As the kids were left behind by their parents under the supervision of these dorm parents, sometimes bad things occurred. Unbeknownst to the missionary parents, some these dorm parents were and are actually child molesters and these pedophiles started sexually abusing the children.

A seasoned child sexual abuse attorney knows that this is not something new. Parallels can be drawn with clergy abuse incidences in the Roman Catholic Church. Though the New Tribes Mission has been successful in silencing the victims of child abuse in the past, with growing exposure to awareness campaigns run by child sexual abuse lawyers, sexually abused victims are coming forth out of this religious organization.

Though major religious organizations have been exposed by clergy abuse lawyers in the past, entities like New Tribes Mission were virtually unheard of as far as child sexual abuse is concerned. Things however have changed now. Victims of child abuse are slowly letting the world know about their sufferings. Because they know that keeping silent will not do anybody any good, accept the perpetrator, and if they continue to remain quiet, many more children will fall prey to the sexual abuse.

The only way to expose the offenders is to talk to a child sex abuse attorney and let him know about it. Rogatinsky & Matthews has been dealing with child sexual abuse cases for a long time, and the child sex abuse lawyers here know that the only way to stop pedophiles is to bring criminal suits against them and file civil charges against the organizations that employ them. In this case, New Tribes Mission would the organization that would be targeted. If your child or child of someone you know has been sexually abused at any establishment, Samuel Rogatinsky would like to help you fight for justice. Get in touch with him today; he is the manager and top attorney in this law firm. His understanding and guidance will lead you in the direction you need to go.


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