Victims of Clergy Abuse: There is Hope


It is a known fact that catholic priests have been sexually abusing children for centuries. Sadly, incidences of clergy sexual abuse have been carefully suppressed by the diocese and the Catholic Church at large to avoid any scandals. Documents that date back 400 years are a testimonial to this fact. The Vatican issued some confidential regulations in 1922 directing the bishops worldwide to tackle and suppress any clergy abuse related incidences. Anyone who did not adhere to this diktat was threatened with excommunication by the Vatican. It is widely reported that similar regulations have been issued by the Vatican time and again; the latest one came not earlier than 2002.

Just in case if the clergy abuse victims speaks out, the Vatican quickly transfers the priest to a different location with restricted responsibilities. The parishioners at this new location of course are unaware of the past of the priest. This simply means, young children again are in the danger of being sexually abused by a clergy member.

Roman Catholics on the other hand have been unaware of this fact. They invite the priests to their home to celebrate occasions without realizing the fact that a child in their family might be experiencing sexual abuse under their own roof. Catholics also encourage their children to perform duties like becoming an altar boy unknowingly pushing them towards the clergy which could result in clergy abuse.

Clergy abuse victims do not speak about their grievances as the priest has groomed them that way making them feel guilty for a crime someone else has committed. The minister abuse victim, the child, is so broken down he or she feels that no one would believe them it they tell anyone about what is happening or what has happened.

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