Child Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse in Arkansas

Contrary to popular belief, child sexual abuse is not a rare occurrence only happening in dysfunctional surroundings. The state of Arkansas has seen its share of these cases and there are strict laws in place because of it. The problem arises when a case goes by unreported because the person who is comitting the sexual abuse happens to be a person in authority like a teacher, tutor, caregiver, priest, or indeed a family member like a parent. The perceived notion that child sexual abuse is difficult to talk about and embarrassing to deal with has to be overruled and such cases need to be brought to light by the victim, confidants, and lawyers.

Husband and Wife Tag Team Are Sexual Abusers

When caregivers turn into molesters, no time can be wasted to ensure that the situation is corrected and matters taken to the authorities. A husband and wife duo have been apprehended and charged with child sexual abuse that was commonplace in their day care center. Operating the Gingerbread Daycare Center from their home premises, the husband Larry Akins of Van Buren took it as an opportunity to sexually abuse young females. Larry Akins has been sent to jail in Crawford County and has been charged with 11 counts of rape and 9 counts of second degree sexual assault while the wife has also been apprehended and charged.


Arkansas Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse Statute of Limitations

The state of Arkansas has a delayed tolling statute for minors. This means that if you were sexually abused by a priest, rabbi or minister before you turned 21 years of age, your statute of limitations will not expire until you reach the age of majority which is 21 plus 3 more years.

The Arkansas Discovery Rule says that there is a 3 year statute of limitations for actions based upon sexual abuse of a minor from “the time of discovery of the sexual abuse.”  “‘Time of discovery’ means when the injured party discovers the effect of the injury or condition attributable to the childhood sexual abuse.”

Arkansas is a “vested right” jurisdiction and does not allow the legislature to expand a statute of limitations that would revive a cause of action already barred.

If you were sexually abused by a priest, rabbi, coach, psychologist or any other person who sexually abused you, please don’t feel ashamed. We want to help you.

Timely Action Needed to Stop the Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse has far reaching effects – physically as well as psychologically. In regards to an individual the community respects or has some authority, for example, a father or a teacher or mentor, the situation is fraught with emotional peril and not reporting cannot be an option. Immediate action is a must.

There is Hope Out There – You Can Stop the Child Abuse

If someone in your family or within your circle has been abused, it is time you consider contacting a dedicated attorney who can give you sound advice on what steps can be taken. Sam Rogatinsky is an advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Mr. Rogatinsky is committed to the victims and survivors who try so hard to heal from child sexual abuse and he will take your call any time, day or night. His personal cell phone number is 954.995.3805. It does not matter if you live in a remote area or in a large city, Sam will work with you to help you heal from the trauma that you have endured. The only way to begin the healing process is to expose the sexual abusers and the institutions that protect these animals. Sam can help you, but you must contact him now.

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