Sexual Predators Go Where Kids Are


Organized sports have become a major past time for children of every age.  Parents are encouraged to get their kids involved in Little League Baseball or Stick Ball,  Junior Football League, Junior Volleyball, indoor soccer tournaments and the list goes on and on. Most parents are thrilled when they can get their children away from the addictive video games or mindless YouTube videos that todays kids are drawn to.

Unfortunately, we are constantly reminded that these organized sporting activities tend to attract adults who have terrible intentions. Organized sports attract molesters and sexual predators and without proper supervision and screening, organized sports can become a parents worst nightmare. Our advice for the parents who encourage their children to participate in organized sports is to become active participants in the  organized sport activities the their children enjoy. Sexual predators  are very sneaky and they recognize when its not safe for them to make their sexual moves. The more you are involved, the less of a chance your children have to become victims of a sexual predator.

Do not ignore red flags and do not put your children at risk of being sexually abused.  Sexual predators in an organized sport environment will do their best to convince children not to report the sexual abuse. Children and teens as young as 5 and as old as 18 are often afraid to report sexual abuse by their coaches for fear of letting down the team.


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