Oklahoma Sexual Abuse


Many people have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of someone they were supposed to be able to trust. Many of us are familiar with cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church due to several media publicized cases of priest sexual abuse, but church sex scandals are just one example of an issue that affects many in Oklahoma. Oklahoma sexual abuse also occurs at schools, camps, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and other places where circumstances allow. Someone like Sgt. Maurice Martinez, who you would trust with your children for example, has been arrested twice now – on charges that he sexually abused male foster children in his care. Speaking out about sexual abuse is important in two ways: It can stop the abuser from hurting others and it helps bring a sense of closure for the victim. Speaking out can feel intimidating, but you and your loved ones are not alone. Lawyers such as Sam Rogatinsky specialize in helping you find your voice in court.


Sexual Abuse

Unlike clergy abuse, sexual abuse can be perpetrated by anyone and occur anywhere. The most common places for sexual abuse to occur are schools, camps, nursing homes, mental health facilities, group homes, and organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. Countless children have been sexually abused in Oklahoma by those who were entrusted with their care, such as teachers, Boy Scout leaders, camp counselors, and so on. These adults are supposed to protect children, but instead cause them harm, such as Mike Conway, a teacher and coach who was charged with and admitted to having sex with a minor who was also a student at Hennessy High School in Oklahoma.

Adults are also sexually abused. At nursing homes and mental health facilities all over Oklahoma, social workers and psychologists take advantage of the vulnerable adults that they are supposed to be protecting. Fortunately, the perpetrators can be made to pay for the pain they have caused, but you must seek representation. Sam will help to make sure that everything possible is done to assure that your suffering has not been in vain.


Clergy Abuse

Although the Catholic Church is not the only venue for sexual abuse, it has been the most publicized due to the lack of bishop accountability. When the media picked up on the fact that bishops were just moving sexually abusive priests to another church, news outlets ran with the story. The truth is that clergy abuse includes not only Catholic priests, but rabbis, ministers, reverends, pastors, office staff at places of worship, religious youth directors, and anyone who works for a place of worship, such as Rabbi Richard M. Marcovitz who pleaded guilty to inappropriately touching two students at an Oklahoma City school. If you or someone you know has been sexually abused by someone in this category, you now have an avenue of help available to you. You do not have to be a victim anymore. Contact Sam to find out how you can take control of what happened and help make sure it doesn’t happen to others.


Oklahoma Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse Statute of Limitations

In the state of Oklahoma, ordinarily there is a two year statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse claims. This means that child sexual abuse victims have two years after the last incident of abuse that caused the injuries to file their claims.

Nevertheless, there is Delayed Tolling for minors so people under 18 years of age may bring their cause of action within two years after reaching the age of majority. Or, alternatively, if the abuser is in a state, federal or local correctional facility or jail, the victim has five years from their release to file their claim. The statute of limitations will begin to run at whichever date is later. It is interesting to see that the statute has special consideration for people in jail.

If your abuser is incarcerated you have a twenty year statute of limitations for cases against the incarcerated abusers.

Oklahoma does recognize the discovery rule and the Discovery Rule gives the victims two years from the “time the victim discovered or reasonably should have discovered that the injury or condition was caused by the act or that the act caused the injury for which the claim is brought.” Of course, without the discovery rule most claims could not go forward.

If you were sexually abused by a priest, rabbi, coach, psychologist or any other person who sexually abused you, please don’t feel ashamed. We want to help you.


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