Those Authorized to Touch Your Body Must be Safe


Over the last few years massage and spa businesses have been opening up more frequently throughout the United States.  As franchisors try to create viable businesses to sell to prospective business owners, one of the new franchises offered is massage based businesses. These businesses do not require a huge investment and the barrier to entry is fairly small. This has led to businesses such as Massage Envy and others opening up in shopping centers across the country.

One of the difficulties in any business is finding the right employees to hire. Faced with stiff competition for massage therapists certain business owners must hire candidates that might not be in it for the right reasons.  Very often we have seen newspaper stories where massage therapists have violated the trust and have converted the authorized touching into a sexual assault. Most often it has been male on female sexual assault.

We are aware that this unauthorized touching occurs throughout the United States and we can help you with if you have been sexually abused in a spa or massage establishment.

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