Child Sexual Abuse in Indiana

Child sexual abuse is not a much talked about evil. The truth however, is that not only does it exist, it is rampant. There are cases recorded each year, this is ongoing. While many child sexual abuse perpetrators are caught and stopped, many yet are roaming around freely. Children find it difficult to speak about child sexual abuse since there is an extreme amount of fear, self loathing, and embarrassment associated with it.

Breaking that Trust – From Boy Scout Leader To Baseball Coach

More often than not, the person stimulating the abuse is someone in a position of authority and trust like an educator, teacher, coach, or a Boy Scout leader who is close to the child. In this case, it becomes all the more difficult to talk about the situation and let someone else know that they or you are or have been abused, respectively. Legal help and the police can be trusted and need to be informed about this situation to successfully block the perpetrators freedom, crimes, and advances.


His Own Family

In the state of Indiana, there are many child sexual abuse cases that are registered each year. Sixty year old Charles Sparks was arrested and charged with no less than 58 counts of child sexual abuse. Sparks was working as a custodian or janitor at Parkview Middle School. The victims could have been students at the school. The children however, were members of Sparks’s family who were being molested by him continuously over 12 long years. He was an active pedophile. The case is registered in Clark County Indiana. The unfortunate thing about the matter is that the children tried to speak against the atrocities of the man once before in 2001. The Clark Superior Court dismissed their case for reasons unknown. One of the victims put her trust in the system all over again and came forward to report Sparks. This time around all three girls have joined together with fabulous representation and intend to see the matter through in court. The girls are now aged 22, 20, and 17 years of age.


Civil Code Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse In Indiana

The statute of limitations in Indiana is easily understood. It prescribes a period of 2 years after the child reaches maturity, age 18, for child sexual abuse. This means that the victim or someone who knows what happened must speak up before the young adult reaches 20 years of age. The criminal statute of limitations provides for a prescribed number of years during which you can bring forward a felony or other child sexual abuse case to criminally charge the wrestling coach, for example. In any case, no prosecution for child sex crimes is possible after the victim reaches the age of 31.


Make a Call and Gain a Friend In Sex Abuse Attorney Samuel Rogatinsky

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