The Mixing of Vulnerable and Volatile Populations can be a Dangerous Combination


Opioid addiction is ravaging the United States and unfortunately more and more young vulnerable people are checking into drug rehabilitation facilities. Usually the underlying cause of the drug use is a behavioral issue that needs immediate medical treatment.  Due to the nature of this disease, many of the people that work in these facilities are former addicts who may not be properly trained to deal with new patients or they may still be dealing with their own recovery issues. Patients seeking treatment for drug addiction and other psychiatric issues are often very trusting of the people who work in these facilities and this is a recipe for disaster.

Drug rehab and psychiatric treatment facilities have a duty to provide safeguards and security to prevent patient on patient as well as staff on patient sexual abuse. When a psychiatric treatment faciity or a drug rehab facility fails to provide adequate security measures and patients are abused, the treatment facilities may be held accountable. We will investigate claims dealing with patient on patient sexual abuse and staff or management on patient sexual abuse.

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