Do You Know Who is Caring for You?


When you are admitted to a hospital, the expectation is that the doctors, nurses, janitors therapists, caretakers and anyone else employed by the hospital are there to take care of you and do what they can to help you overcome your medical problem. There have recently been some shocking situations where hospital staff has sexually abused patients who were either under the influence of anesthesia or sedatives.

Our firm will represent clients who were sexually assaulted during a hospital stay. If a hospital employee has sexually abused you in any way, the hospital is at fault because the hospital failed to protect you. Patients are vulnerable when they are admitted to the hospital and they have an expectation that they will not be raped or assaulted under the care of the hospital staff.

Hospitals may be liable for negligent hiring for failing to conduct a proper pre-employment screening and negligent supervision/retention for failing to act reasonably in response to the dangers posed by its employees.

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