Child Sexual Abuse in Missouri

Children are the future of our society. What is sad to know is that we have forgotten how to treat and respect this very future. The sexual abuse of child in Missouri is a big and very real problem spread all over the world and certainly this country. Contrary to common belief, cases of sexual abuse of children are not rare. Even in states like Missouri where there are well defined laws and procedures to punish offenders, child sexual abuse is prevalent.


The Truth of this Matter

However, with growing awareness and knowledge about this social evil, most people have begun to understand and face this cancer well. The fact that many perpetrators have been sentenced and have been served with harsh punishments is a wonderful precedent in curbing sexual abuse incidents in Missouri. The point here is to protect children, they are the victims. It is never their fault.


A Disturbed Family

Every year a number of sexual abuse cases are registered in Missouri. One aspect common to all these cases is that the perpetrator is often someone in a position of responsibility and trust such as a teacher, school counselor, wrestling coach, or a Girl Scout leader. In one such case, which pertains to a sick and terrible family, when their 7 year old daughter decided to run away with her sisters and was caught, their punishment was to watch their brother get sodomized by a relative.


Violated Man’s and God’s Law

The above incident, example, and horrible story is just an instance in a long history where members sexually abuse children in their own family. In this case, three men in the family, aged 77, 53, and 48, were charged and convicted. A shocking revelation later brought to light that the three offenders were all lay ministers in the Community of Christ in Missouri, whatever kind of church this is? This only goes on to prove that this bane or scar on our society surpasses the borders of age and social standing.


Missouri Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse Statute of Limitations


Missouri is a state that has legislators that want to help survivors fight back. The law gives the victim the choice of choosing either reaching the age of majority which is 21 years and adding 10 years to that OR 3 years after discovery.

A victim must file his sexual abuse or clergy abuse case within ten years of attaining the age of 21 or within three years of the date when a victim discovers or reasonably should have discovered that an injury was caused by the abuse, whichever occurs latest.

Another benefit of the Missouri law is the Retroactivity of the statute. The statute specifies that it “shall apply to any action commenced on or after August 28, 2004, including any action which would have been barred by the application of the statute of limitation applicable prior to that date. Essentially the state of Missouri is very open to victims rights and since the change in 2004, it has been a lot easier to file a case in Missouri on behalf of survivors.

If you were sexually abused by a priest, rabbi, coach, psychologist or any other person who sexually abused you, please don’t feel ashamed. We want to help you.


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