Your Loved One May be Living with Danger.


As the population ages and people are living longer than ever, the need for residential care facilities has grown. Assisted living facilities and group homes for adults are now popping up in almost every neighborhood because of relaxed zoning ordinances.  It is not uncommon to find smaller group homes of about 6 people in most residential neighborhoods. The problem with any residential facility or group home is that owners of these facilities sometimes hire employees who are not necessarily trained properly or have not gone through extensive background investigations. This leads to a number of problems including sexual abuse of the residents.

Most people enter residential care facilities because of age, mental capacity, or some sort of disability. These people are incapacitated in one form or another and they need to be supervised by caretakers who have their best interests at heart.  Unfortunately, too often the facility is guilty of negligent hiring, negligent supervision or they fail to report incidents of sexual abuse. Victims of sexual abuse in residential care facilities and group homes have legal rights that can be enforced by our firm.   Our firm represents children, disabled adults, and their families in cases against the residential care facility or home health care agency responsible for hiring and supervising the abusers and their clients. We will also represent autistic children and at risk children in group homes that have been abused by sex offender caretakers.


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