Camps Have a Duty to Protect Children from Sexual Predators.

When you send your child to a residential summer camp or a day camp you assume and expect that they will be responsible for providing a safe environment for your children. Residential and day camps are required to exercise reasonable care in hiring and supervising employees.

The bottom line is you expect that they will do background checks and get references for any employee that works around your children. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints or unknown reasons, many residential and day camps hire former campers to be counselors and counselors-in-training without properly training them or doing extensive background checks on their history.  There is no doubt that it is the camp’s responsibility to train and properly supervise all of its employees, counselors, and volunteers.  Any environment that combines children with adults must be watched carefully.

Some parents may think that sexual abuse is less of an issue at religious type camps but this is simply not the case. If a camp is careless in its hiring practices children are at risk.

Failing to protect children from sexual predators in a camp environment is actionable and may give rise to a legal claim against the camp or its parent organization.

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