When a Vacation Becomes a Nightmare.


One of the most economical vacations for families around the world is cruising on some the largest boats that have ever been built.  These cruise ships are basically small cities with their own doctors, stores, entertainment and activities.  The cruise industry has grown tremendously in recent years because they are able to offer a value to consumers.  The reason they have been so profitable is because they have figured out how to employ very cheap labor to service the millions of guests that come on to the ships.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. The industry has basically been instrumental in creating a type of slave labor paying people almost nothing by recruiting uneducated workers from third world countries all over the world.   Every cruise ship hires hundreds of employees and staff to work on the ship and to make the customers’ vacations enjoyable. The underlying problem with hiring cheap uneducated labor is the lack of background checks and character checks. The cruise industry recruits from countries that do not have records technology and would not  even keep a record of the employees arrest history.  Because this hiring practice is widespread, cruise line companies unknowingly hire sexual predators working as crew who prey upon vulnerable, underage passengers. Another disappointing factor is that cruise lines rarely warn customers about sexual offenders that are on their shifts.

When a passenger is raped or sexually assaulted by a crew member or employee, the cruise line may be strictly liable for all of the victim’s damages. The only way to find out is speak to the client and thoroughly review the claim.


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