Child Sexual Abuse in Louisiana

Louisiana is no exception to the rule when it comes to states that have a large number of child sexual abuse related crimes reported. Over the years, Louisiana has been constant and made conscious efforts to ensure that the recordings or indications of child sexual abuse declines. While they have succeeded in ensuring that numerous pedophiles or child molesters are locked up, the unfortunate fact is that there are plenty of new cases of child sexual abuse that are continuing to hit the news casts and be written about in the newspapers.

Pay Attention to the Signs of Child Abuse – Sexual Abuse Could Be Right Under Your Nose

There are quite a few cases that are never reported because children don’t feel confident enough to confide in adults. They pass covert statements like they don’t wish to spend time alone with a particular person but most often these signs are ignored. It is of utmost importance that all these signs are recognized and given their due importance. The end to child sexual abuse can only come with one case at a time. Strong legal aid will ensure that a predator spends the rest of his life away from children.

The Vice Principal Committed the Worst Act – Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse Is Often the Best Kept Secret

Most child sexual abuse cases don’t see the light of day because the perpetrator is someone who is considered to be at a position of trust like a teacher, sport’s camp counselor, church leader, or football coach. In Covington, Louisiana, a former assistant principal of Lee Road Junior High School Mark Carpenter was charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse. He was charged with raping a 6 year old again and again over a period of 10 long years as well as possessing child pornography. He was arrested in 2007 for a crime that he first committed in 1986. The victim of the child sexual abuse is now a 27 year old adult. Based on her testimony, Carpenter has been sentenced to 30 years in prison with no possibility of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence. He is also serving a concurrent 5 year sentence for the child pornography possession.

Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse in Louisiana

As per the child sexual abuse statute of limitations in Louisiana, a victim has 10 years after they attain the age of maturity, which is 18 years of age, to file a legal complaint against the perpetrator. As far as the criminal statute of limitations goes, there is no statute of limitations for particularly serious offenses like aggravated rape or forcible rape. Most other sexual offenses against minors have a 30 year long statute of limitations that begins at age 18. This is a conservative state in this regard and that is what makes Louisiana special compared to other states that cap this time period at 2 or 4 years for example.

Someone on Your Side – Contact Sex Abuse and Clergy Abuse Attorney Sam Rogatinsky Today

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