Child Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse in California

Child sexual abuse in the state of California is something that has gripped the headlines many times. It is, however, a tragic situation just like everywhere else. In a situation where a child has been or is being sexually abused, it is difficult for them to come out and speak about the problems that they are facing. The fear of embarrassment and the thought that they themselves were responsible for it plagues them into speechlessness. This heinous crime is never a child’s fault and their word needs to be taken seriously. In the state of California there are very precise laws to deal with a situation like this depending on its magnitude. Understanding the situation, stopping the abuse, seeking legal help, and bringing the matter to light has to be the course of action.

Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse by a Parent

California was given a terrible shock in 2010 when news surfaced of a father sexually abusing his 16 year old daughter. Patrick Neal Porter, age 45, allegedly removed his 16 year old daughter from protective custody and then took her to a motel in California. There he shot a pornographic movie of his own daughter. The worst and most enraging part of the entire story, other than the sexual molestation of the teenager, is in the fact that the girl’s mother Barbra Porter knew all about the crimes committed by her husband. Patrick Neal Porter pleaded guilty of producing child pornography and was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. His wife Barbra Porter, who despite knowing of her daughter’s predicament did nothing, was charged with obstruction of justice and was sentenced for 5 years in federal prison.

California Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse Statute of Limitations

The state of California was a state that had a one year window that has come and gone for all cases that were barred by the Statute of Limitations. For all other cases, the California Special Childhood Sexual Abuse statute of limitations says that you have 8 years past your 18th birthday to bring a civil action for sexual abuse or clergy abuse.

California has a Limited Discovery Rule of three years.  This means that actions against a person for committing childhood sexual abuse may be brought “within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse.  This discovery rule makes it possible for many people who would otherwise not be able to bring a cause of action against a priest, rabbi, coach or psychologist that sexually abused the victim.

If you were sexually abused by a priest, rabbi, coach, psychologist or any other person who sexually abused you, please don’t feel ashamed. We want to help you.

Don’t Wait too Long to Report Sexual Abuse

The longer you wait the harder it becomes and the better chance the guilty party will escape conviction. Immediate action is simply necessary.

A Sexual Abuse Advocate to Call Regardless of where You Live

If you or someone you know has been a victim of childhood sexual abuse or parent sex abuse, the first thing to do is approach a sexual abuse lawyer or a parent sexual abuse lawyer. Rather than calling anybody or responding to the first ad you see, it is highly recommended that you speak to sexual abuse advocate Samuel Rogatinsky. Samuel Rogatinsky will listen to your circumstances and he will respect your privacy. You can reach him on his personal cell phone number at 954.995.3805 and he will respond to you very quickly.

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