Iowa Sexual Abuse and Clergy Abuse Statute of Limitations


In the state of Iowa, there is a 5 Year statute of limitations for Sexual Abuse or Exploitation By A Counselor, Therapist, or School Employee. For all other personal injury claims, the statute is only 2 Years.


Iowa recognizes the Discovery Rule and therefore, actions based on child sexual abuse may be brought within 4 years of the discovery of the date of a causal relationship between the injury and the sexual abuse.


Iowa also recognizes the rule of Delayed Tolling for Minors so you have until 18 years of age plus 1 year to file a claim. So if you were 14 when you were abused, you have until the age of 19 to file your claim.


If you were sexually abused by a priest, rabbi, coach, psychologist or any other person who sexually abused you, please don’t feel ashamed. We want to help you.


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