Child Sexual Abuse in Kentucky

Pedophiles never retire. They don’t change their ways. If a pedophile is not punished as soon as possible and kept away from children of any age, chances are they will be 80 and in a wheelchair and still trying to molest children. Strict legal action against them is the only way to ease the menace of child sexual abuse and save children from being subjected to such terrible acts.

The Truth Must Prevail

While child sexual abuse is a crime whichever way you look at it, there are times when it begins to look even worse. In situations where in the child sexual abuse perpetrator is a person who is placed in a position of trust and respect like a teacher, manager, Boy Scout leader, summer camp counselor, or swimming coach, it becomes extremely difficult for children to speak up and voice their pain. Children who have faced child sexual abuse suffer greatly. Their psychological scarring is much more than any physical pain that they will have gone through. It is very important to stop this abuse and help the child understand that none of it was his or her fault.

She Finally Spoke Up To Stop the Sexual Abuse

Teachers and coaches have unquestionable access to young children. It is extremely saddening to see a few of them desecrate the responsibility and trust that is placed in them. A former Bullitt County teacher Larry Brent Childress, 40, was arrested based on the testimony of one of his ex-students who came forward after 15 years to press charges against him. She alleged that he had sexual relations with her, which included rape and sodomy. The adult woman says that Childress forced her to have sex with him when he was employed as a coach at North Bullitt High School. There are many such cases when people come forward years after the child sexual abuse crime took. They feared that others would hold them responsible for the abuse. Many children also fear repercussions of their actions. This is tragic but it is the truth.

Statute of Limitations for Civil Cases:

There is a 5 year Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse cases with 5 years of delayed tolling after the victim’s 18th birthday, or within 5 years of discovery of the sex abuse act. KY. REV. STAT. ANN. § 413.249(2) (2008). Discovery in Kentucky is considered knowledge of the act. Id.


Statute of Limitations for Criminal Cases:

There is no Statute of Limitations for sex abuse felonies in Kentucky, but there is a 5 year Statute of limitations for some sexual misdemeanors that are committed against minors. KY. REV. STAT. ANN. § 500.050 (2008). Also, illegal usage of electronic means to get a minor to engage in sexual or other illegal activities is a crime with a 5 year Statute of Limitations, id. § 510.155, as is incest. id. § 530.020.


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